Being her mama

This blog will hopefully fill my late insomnia filled evenings/early mornings, because while my infant sleeps through the night I do not. My 9 week old is the center of my rapidly changing world. She was a surprise, her father and I were barely exclusive and I was on the pill. Even though unplanned, she makes us so much more happy than we knew possible. With new babies comes lots of new…everything. New social life, new budget, new schedules, new important forms, new places, new plans and most importantly new memories.  The things I worried so much about seem easy and oh so natural now, and the things I hadn’t even thought about seemed so overwhelming. I’ve never been emotional or sensitive, so much so that I worried about bonding with my daughter. I actually worried about everything. Then she arrived and I became a very calm mama. I have some pretty great instincts it turns out and so far shes been amazing and me and her dad make an amazing team. Even though forms and bills and applications need to be dealt with we’re powering through, I’m reminding myself that if I can calmly and confidently raise a human being  that I can do anything.

Tonight my insomnia has lead to me thinking about 2016 and all the things that I hope to accomplish for myself and our family. The short list would include hopefully getting engaged, buying a home, going back to school, finding a career that allows for more family time and not missing a moment with baby girl. Its all big stuff, but its so exciting!


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