I can do this: a mantra

“I can do this, I can do this…” more often then not I am prep talking myself for whatever new challenge deployment has thrown at us. This week its the car having more issues (in October we had a few parts replaced, covered by warranty thankfully) turns out those new parts had bad gaskets so one oil leak later and we’re back. Thankfully I am mastering the skill of finding the good in anything! Yesterday was our first car appointment where they were able to diagnose the problem. An hour spent at a dealership with a toddler can be rough, but they had a small playroom and I came prepared with snacks. The hour flew by and we had a blast crawling all over with toys my daughter had never seen before. Unfortunately the gaskets we needed had to be special ordered so this morning we are headed back to the dealership. We are going to be getting out of the house earlier than usual, but thats giving us a nice jump on the day and A (my daughter) seems to be in a great mood.

I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee, letting it warm my soul as I attempt to plan out the foreseeable future. One thing that I am still learning to accept is life with a toddler rarely goes exactly as you plan it, and deployed life never goes anything like you plan it. I am one of those people that needs a plan to hold on to my sanity. Now that plan is just a big picture with a LOT of wiggle room, but its working for A and its working for me. Right now that plan includes budgeting to get out of debt (only 400$ left in credit debt!!) and raising my credit score. Thats all!! As always I am struggling with stress/anxiety/depression but we will be heading to visit our future in-laws in just a few weeks, the change of pace and scenery is very welcome.



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