Accidentally pushed the button

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but not really. Last week I typed out this awesome piece about me just about losing my sanity after the stress of this year and somehow holding it together till I saw the light at the end of the tunnel plus some good surprises. Then I some how hit a button and it was gone. The whole post. Poof. About a sentence before the end it asked if I wanted to save, I didnt. I was about to publish it, no need to save. GAH.

Anyways I’m laying in bed before midnight which is some kind of miracle, but I am still pretty awake. A and I are at my future in-laws house little over half way through a 2 week long visit. It’s been bittersweet being here for many reasons. I miss B so much, and being surrounded by his family just makes his absence glaringly noticeable. Everything reminds me of him. It has been nice to just hang out with his parents, and let A play with toys and their dog. I have so few stresses here, I feel like I can just take a second to breath for once. On an exciting note….I’ve been offered a full time job that pays decent and has in building childcare!! While I am so excited to have some financial independence and work again, I am absolutely terrified of A going to childcare  (wouldn’t even be considering it if it wasn’t in the same building.) So that happens just 2 days after we arrive home. See that post I deleted was jam packed with good stuff!!

I’ll be blogging more these next few days as I actually have time to, plus we’re doing some fun things.



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