In the face of the storm

I find myself with A sleeping soundly on my chest as I write this. We are in the basement at my future in-laws as it has been storming all evening. Right now it’s quiet and peaceful, just light rain and some thunder and the distance but we still have two strong storm fronts headed our way. I should probably add that I am terrified of storms, I just have awful storm anxiey. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies or documentaries on tornados, maybe it’s because we’re currently in a farm house literally in the middle of a field.

Despite it all for the first time all night I just feel calm. We’re in the basement,flashlight next to our bed and she’s sleeping peacefully. I’ve done all I can do, and worrying isn’t going to fix anything. I’m overthrowing this all, but bear with me. This storm is just making me realize my independence and inner strength. Not only am I a calm mama I’m a strong one too. I am facing my fears calmly at the current moment, with this storm….and in life too.



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