At night my mind opens up

I can’t be the only one that at the end of the day is so exhausted they can barely crawl to bed, and suddenly your brain switches on. I think about EVERYTHING before bed. I think about windmills and dams, weird occupations I could pursue, dream houses, movies I saw 5 years ago and so do many questions. Every night I eventually get around to thinking about the future. The family I want and the life I want to give them, but also what I have to do to give them that life. Well that’s a different post for a different day.  Tonight I just wanted to make a list,  of all the stuff that has suddenly popped into my head in hopes of getting it out or blogging about it in the future. So here goes:

Creepy crawlers atnightt

Hydro power (dams and lake berryessa)

How are just my feet cold

Relationship issues

Financial stuff



I should read more

Fixing my car

Tomorrow’s 2nd day of day care

Plants vs zombies

You get it! I’m going to try to head to bed


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